GREENLAND 2002 - DISPATCH 9 A Sinking Feeling

Hello this is Greenland 2002: Since the last dispatch we have made several more ascents. It's 7:40 AM and we have just returned from 15 km ski and climb of a big peak out to the north.

It is still a thrill to see the last few meters to the summit and know you will be the first to stand there. The weather here is incredibly warm - when the wind is not blowing that is. The real temperature is about 0, but you wouldn't know it with your shirt off! It's still hard to believe that we are 450 miles north of the Watkins mountains.

The snow conditions have been poor and we are sinking up to our knees, just stepping outside our tents. Unfortunately, this will put an end our thoughts of climbing that incredible pyramid out to the south of us. We are winding down our expedition and expecting the Twin Otter to arrive in the next few days, weather permitting.

Our minds are beginning to drift away from NHN and on to things such as the Blue Lagoon (a natural hot springs outside Reykjavik), food, and of course home. But there is nothing like Greenland. We are all a bit leaner, a little sun burnt, and ready to return home with a few more memories from the mountains.

Thank you to all who have been following NHN. Thanks also to for indulging us. Look for some great Greenland 2002 images in the next few weeks. Best wishes from all of us from NHN.

This is David Keaton signing out.


GREENLAND 2002 - Niels Holgersen Nunatakker Introduction