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January 2003 News, Expedition Coverage and Notes

Headlines Archive

01/01 "Anytime you have an opportunity to make things better and you don't, then you are wasting your time on this Earth..'' Roberto Clemente

01/02 Kangchenjunga and K2 in 2003

01/02 First winter ascent up to North summit of McKinley in alpine style with the traverse of North summit.

01/02 Daniel Mazur

01/02 Dhaulagiri Climbers Summit report and "While we were walking to meet porters our stuff had been stolen. We came back to KTM with only chocolate bar!”

01/02 Backcountry Footwear: Buying the right hiking boot

01/02 Save 45-80% at Sierra Trading Post

01/02 The Anatoli Boukreev Memorial Fund is proud to announce the following grant awards.

01/02 The Sherpas of Everest Series: Apa Sherpa: A Little Great Man

01/03 The Sherpas of Everest Series: Nawang Gombu Sherpa

01/03 Anatoli Boukreev Mountaineering Axe

01/03 Binoculars: On a clear day you can see... anything

01/03 Erhard Loretan

01/03 Susan Ershler

01/03 EverestHistory.com: Routes

01/23 Kangchenjunga 2003

01/03 Everest 2002: Pemba Doma Sherpa

01/04 Wang Fu-chou is credited as being the 7th person to Summit Everest, and the first from the North (Tibet-Chinese) side.

01/04 Last Chance: The best of 2002: climb, climber, Book, etc

01/04 More Everest expeditions going up soon...

01/04 Seven Summits Updated

01/04 Kangchenjunga 2002

01/04 Everest Speakers Updated 

01/04 K2 2002

01/04 Everest 2002 by EverestNews.com

01/04 Shishapangma 2002 Expeditions and News

01/04 USA Broad Peak Expedition 2001

01/04 Nanga Parbat: Some background and History

01/04 Manaslu 2002 Expeditions and News Index

01/04 Cho Oyu: The History

01/06 Winter K2 2003 at base camp and moving up!

01/06 Everest and Lhotse Expedition 2003

01/06 Camping Picks: What's the key piece of gear?

01/06 Winter Makalu 2001 with Krzysztof Wielicki

01/06 EverestSpeakersBureau.com

01/06 Kangchenjunga 2002 Czech Expedition

01/06 German/Swiss Everest 2002 Team

01/06 Everest 2002 South Germany Expedition

01/06 Manaslu 2002

01/07 Wings Over Everest 2003 Updated

01/07 Everest 1965: Sonam Gyatso: A wonderful story of courage and conviction

01/07 Day Packs: Packing it in for Hikes or School

01/07 Q&A with Asghar Ali Porik JASMINE TOURS- Pakistan

01/07 EverestHistory.com: 1900-1925

01/07 Pakistan's Pride of Performance

01/08 WINTER K2 2002: The first 5 dispatches translated, excellent stuff!! (we will get caught up soon...)

01/08 The First Ten to Summit Everest and other first tens....

01/08 First-Aid Kits: Safety in the woods

01/08 American Oxygen System By Eric Simonson

01/08 Makalu 2002

01/08 Everest Speakers Updated again

01/08 Alan Hinkes

01/09 WINTER K2 2003: An extraordinary interview with Krzysztof Wielicki

01/09 Global Position Systems

01/09 AdventureGrandSlam.com

01/09 Save 45-80% at Sierra Trading Post

01/09 Gheorghe (aka George) Dijmarescu: Everest 2002

01/09 Get Your Gear In Gear

01/09 EverestHistory.com: Lene Gammelgaard

01/09 Everest Speakers

01/10 Everest 2003: Ben Clark

01/10 Winter K2: Monika calls EverestNews.com via sat phone!

01/10 International 2002 Muztag Ata Expedition trip report

01/10 Pakistan Peak Royalty for year 2003

01/10 Gear Review: Lumbar Packs

01/10 Ginette Harrison; one of the best ever

01/10 From the past: No oxygen bottles left at Camp 4 of Everest?

01/10 Mt. Spantik Expedition and History

01/10 EverestHistory.com: 1925-1950

01/11 EverestHistory.com: Sambhu Tamang

01/11 From the past: Great Polish Winter Climbs

01/11 EverestHistory.com: Junko Tabei Updated

01/11 Everest 2003: Team Everest 2003

01/11 Great Gear Gifts

01/11 Susan Ershler

01/11 Nanga Parbat: Some background and History

01/11 EverestSpeakersBureau.com

01/13 Winter K2: No real news, which is good news....

01/13 Polish History: Andrzej Zawada

01/13 The Sherpas of Everest Series: The second man to Summit Everest twice without the use of bottled oxygen...

01/13 Wanted Sherpa Summiters Pictures for our Sherpas of Everest Series, please submit your pictures of your favorite Sherpas climbers to everestnews2004@adelphia.net

01/13 EverestHistory.com: Firsts Updates continue

01/13 GPS Units

01/13 The Sequel to Ghosts of Everest

01/13 Terzyul Vladislav

01/13 Andrew Lock

01/13 Everest Speakers

01/13 Kangchenjunga History

01/13 Alan Hinkes Annapurna 2002

01/13 Photos from the Mountain-Link Dhaulagiri 2002 Expedition

01/13 Project “Diabetes-8000”: The first stage: The ascent of Mt. McKinley

01/13 EverestNews.com Readers Guide

01/13 Swiss Shishapangma/Cho Oyu Autumn 2001 Enjoy !

01/14 The Sherpas of Everest Series: Ang Phu Sherpa

01/14 Everest 2003: Wings Over Everest

01/14 Compare: Mountaineering Boots: Men's

01/14 Grigory Zarkov and Igor Ushakov Summited Denali both as paraplegics

01/14 Eric Alexander and Erik Weihenmayer Mount Cook in New Zealand

01/14 Chinese 8000 meter team to try Makalu in 2003

01/14 Everest 2002: Pictures of the Geneva – Everest 1952 – 2002" Team, new and Old !!

01/14 Everest Gallery

01/15 EverestHistory.com: Sambhu Tamang Updated with new details...

01/15 Everest 2003: Anniversary on Everest With Reinhold Messner and Wolfgang Nairz

01/15 Winter K2 2003

01/15 Everest 2003: Bhutan/Himalayan Mountaineering Institute

01/15 EverestNews.com Good Causes (Funds) for 2003


01/15 New Book: Chris Bonington's Everest

01/15 Annapurna Autumn 2002

01/16 The Sherpas of Everest Series: Sonam Gyalchhen Sherpa

01/16 The Best of 2002!

01/16 Winter K2, getting caught up with the last 5 dispatches in...

01/16 Sleeping Bags & Pads : Down: 3 Season

01/16 The NEW ! Everest Photo Gallery...

01/16 Daniel Mazur

01/16 Eric Alexander and Erik Weihenmayer Mount Cook in New Zealand

01/16 First ascent of Lhotse Middle report with pictures words cannot describe....

01/17 The Sherpas of Everest Series: Nawang Gombu Sherpa Updated...

01/07 Bernard Voyer does it again!

01/17 Frits finished the Seven Summits!

01/17 Snowboard: Men's

01/17 Everest 2003: IMG Everest Expeditions 2003

01/17 Jim Whittaker

01/17 There was no competition, there was no utilizing others equipment without permission, there were no conspiracies, there was only one team with one objective.  I hope one day future climbers of Mt. Everest can regain that spirit they once had.

01/17 Everest Speakers Updated

01/17 Autumn Everest 2002

01/18 The Sherpas of Everest Series: Chottare Sherpa 27th person to Summit

01/18 Kangchenjunga 2003: Updated team list

01/18 Winter K2

01/18 Dhaulagiri Climbers Summit report and "While we were walking to meet porters our stuff had been stolen. We came back to KTM with only chocolate bar!”

01/18 Anatoli Boukreev Mountaineering Axe

01/18 Autumn Cho Oyu 2002

01/18 More Expeditions met by Maoists in Nepal

01/08 Pakistan Peak Fee Reduced for 2002 !

01/18 The Sherpas of Everest Series: Apa Sherpa: A Little Great Man

01/20 Everest 2003: About 20 Expeditions on the North side already!

01/20 EverestHistory.com: Takashi Ozaki

01/20 Autumn 2002 Dhaulagiri

01/20 Everest Speakers

01/20 Belay & Rappel Devices

01/20 Winter Broad Peak 2002 Expedition

01/20 Broad Peak Peace Climb 2002

01/20 Autumn Dhaulagiri

01/21 NEWSFLASH: Everest 2003 South side the expedition list so far....

01/21 Kangchenjunga 2003 Expedition: Carlos Pauner

01/21 EverestHistory.com: Teruo Matsuura

01/21 From the past: Autumn Everest 2001: Death on Everest: Shows the power of the Mountain and the need for reliable weather reports

01/21 Dan Mazur's Kangchenjunga Spring 2002

01/21 Susan Ershler's Q&A with questions from the readers of EverestNews.com

01/21 Eric Alexander and Erik Weihenmayer Mount Cook in New Zealand

01/21 Everest 2003: Team Everest 2003

01/21 Dhaulagiri 2002 Summit report by Vladimir Pestrikov

01/22 Winter K2 2 new dispatches just in...: Strong winds blowing and Struggle for second camp: On the white horse

01/22 Winter K2 picture show

01/22 Everest 2003 South side, the expedition list so far....

01/22 The best of 2002: climb, climber, Book

01/22 Dan Mazur: Ama Dablam Autumn 2002

01/22 Gov. Perry Announces Texans with Disabilities to Climb Mt. Everest; Team Everest '03 Receives Permit for Historic Journey


01/22 New Book: Chris Bonington's Everest

01/23 Invitation to all Everest Summiteers

01/23 EverestHistory.com: Erhard Loretan

01/23 New Pictures from Winter K2

01/23 Slovenian History - in the making

01/23 Annapurna Autumn 2002

01/23 Jim Whittaker Joins...

01/23 Compare: GPS

01/24 The Sherpas of Everest Series: Ang Phurba Sherpa

01/24 Broad Peak Winter 2003 Expedition

01/24 Lene Gammelgaard

01/24 EverestNews.com Good Causes (Funds) for 2003

01/24 Autumn Shishapangma 2002

01/24 Jean-Christophe Lafaille: Annapurna 2002

01/24 Saxon Karakorum Expedition for great pictures from last year..

01/24 Everest Speakers Updated

01/25 EverestHistory.com: Benedict (Beno) Kashakashvili

01/25 Pakistan 2003 Expedition and General News (Note #'s)

01/25 Seven Summit Tables updated

01/25 Frits finished the Seven Summits!

01/25 Hydration Packs

01/25 Erik Weihenmayer’s ski guide: No Limits to What We Can Achieve: World-Class Adventurer Eric Alexander

01/25 Greenland 2002

01/27 Winter K2 Update from Monika...

01/27 Bulgarian Spring Kangchenjunga 2003

01/27 The Sherpas of Everest Series: Ang Rita Sherpa (the first draft of this great climber page...)

01/27 Backpacking Boots: Men's

01/27 Jeff Justman

01/27 Dan Mazur's Kangchenjunga Spring 2002

01/28 Bear Grylls

01/28 Broad Peak Winter 2003 Expedition: Update

01/28 The Sherpas of Everest Series: Chhewang Dorje Sherpa: Ang Rita Sherpa's younger son

01/28 Mountaineering Boots: Men's

01/28 Gavin Bate Everest 2002

01/28 Kangchenjunga and K2 in 2003

01/28 Wings Over Everest 2003

01/29 Winter K2 dispatches in (3), Makeshift camp II is ready, Zero visibility, K2 Winter expedition Second camp destroyed

01/29 EverestHistory.com: Dicky Dolma the youngest woman...

01/29 Silvio Mondinelli

01/29 Everest 2003 Golden Jubilee Expedition

01/29 Backcountry Snowshoes

01/29 Everest 2003: About 20 Expeditions on the North side already!

01/29 Everest 2003 South side, the expedition list so far....

01/29 The best of 2002: climb, climber, Book

01/29 Everest Speakers Updated 

01/30 EverestHistory.com: Teruo Matsuura, first Japanese climber to Summit Everest...

01/30 Everest 2003: Ellis Stewart "LIVING THE DREAM 2003"

01/30 Austria/Europe Guenter Steintair-Memorian GII Expedition 2003

01/30 4 Season Tents

01/30 Alan Hinkes Annapurna 200

01/30 Everest 2003: Bhutan/Himalayan Mountaineering Institute

01/30 Everest Speakers

01/31 Winter K2 dispatches in (2), The K2 Winter Expedition is in danger: Gia Tortladze Revolts, K2 Winter Expedition Still bad weather & Not up to the challenge

01/31 The Sherpas of Everest Series: Nima Gombu Sherpa first draft at this great climber's page...

01/31 Everest 2003: Charlie Wittmack

01/31 Spanish Andalusia K2 Expedition 2003 Yes 2003!!!

01/31 Synthetic: 3 Season:Women's

01/31 Kangchenjunga 2002

01/31 Peter Hillary

01/31 Makalu 2002

01/31 American Dhaulagiri Spring 2002

01/31 Everest Spring 2002

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