Vinson 2002!
Dispatch #6 January 9, 2002.  Patriot Hills, Antarctica. This is Neil McCarthy calling from Patriot Hills.  It's a beautiful day here today, but conditions are still poor at Mt. Vinson.  So we're unable to fly to the mountain.  A few climbers form another group attempted to reach the mountain today in what is fondly called the "Polar Pumpkin", a bright orange single engine Cessna airplane that ahs been here for about twelve years.  It has to land short of the mountain but hopes to reach Base Camp tomorrow, at which point we will follow.  Until then we enjoy the hospitality of the staff at Patriot hills, three wonderfully prepared meals a day complete with wine and beer at dinner, and a dining tent warmed to about 70 degrees F, by the stoves and the radiation of the sun.  Great music and marvelous conversation, getting to know the folks on other adventures here in Antarctica.  Until tomorrow, thanks.
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