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Manaslu 2003: Piotr Pustelnik Dispatch Index

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Facts & History
Piotr Pustelnik
Manaslu, at 8163 meters, is the eighth highest peak in the world. It is located in the west-central part of Nepal.

Piotr Pustelnik has summited 11 of the world's 14 highest peaks. If he summits Manaslu, he will only have Broad Peak and Annapurna left.

Dispatch One: An international team led by Piotr Pustelnik left for Kathmandu. Their objective is to climb Manaslu (8126m) via Japanese route. Check here for the full dispatch.

Dispatch Two: Greetings from the capital of Nepal. The five of us, we are in Kathmandu waiting for Barbara Drousek, from Slovenia... Check here for the full dispatch.

Dispatch Three: mBank Manaslu Expedition 2003: The Departure. We are done with all the preparations and soon we’ll be flying by helicopter to Samagaon... Check here for the full dispatch.

Dispatch Four: On the 7th of April the expedition landed safely in the village of Samagoan (3500m). We changed the plans and instead of climbing Larkye Peak headed directly to Manaslu base camp. The base camp has been set up at 4875m. Check here for the full dispatch.

Dispatch Five: We have reached the altitude 6200m. During our last excursion we settled a ”temporal camp two”. It is, so far, one tent with a small deposit on the altitude 6200 m. Unfortunately the weather made it impossible for us to get higher and forced us to descend to the base. All members of the expedition are in good moods and in good condition. Check here for the full dispatch.

Dispatch Six: After returning to the base we found a little surprise waiting for us. During the night between 19th and 20th April, the hurricane broke out over the base. All expedition had some losses as a result of it. We lost four tents, which we successfully got back with most of the equipment. Check here for the full dispatch.

Dispatch Seven: On 25th of April 2003 at 1 p.m. the team consisting of Piotr Pustelnik, Jσzef Goździk, Krzysztof Tarasewicz settled camp III on the altitude 6800 m. It is one well-attached tent. For the time being, the team went down to the base for some rest. Check here for the full dispatch.

Manaslu 2003 featuring Piotr Pustelnik: Pictures

Dispatch Eight: Yesterday (3rd of May) the team: Jozef Gozdzik, Krzysztof Tarasewicz, Gia Tortladze and Mamulu Tsikhiseli went out, aiming settling camp IV. Unfortunately they failed, as the weather (breakdown) forced them to return the base from camp I. Check here for the full dispatch.

Dispatch Nine: Recovering… The weather is not too kind for us. It is still snowing. Again, there is half a meter of fresh snow in the base camp. Fortunately the forecasts predict that the conditions will improve. Check here for the full dispatch.

Dispatch Ten: Since yesterday the weather in Manaslu region is better, it’s sunny.  The forecasts are also optimistic.  Check here for the full dispatch.

Dispatch 11: We are on the move! Check here for the full dispatch.

Dispatch 12: Forced to retreat by very strong winds. Check here for the full dispatch.

Dispatch 13: Summit! Check here for the full dispatch.

Dispatch 14: Summits, details! Check here for the full dispatch.

Dispatch 15: We tumbled down together for about 300meters. Check here for the full dispatch.

Final report mBank Manaslu Expedition


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