Everest Spring 2002 !

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Adventure Consultants Everest Expedition 2002

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Monday 25 March: The Expedition Manager, Guides, Sirdars and Sherpas are making final preparations in Nepal. In the next week expedition members will meet in Kathmandu and commence their trek to Base Camp. 

A staged departure has seen all the members of the expedition leave Kathmandu, with Guy Cotter flying...

Monday 8 April: Guy Cotter arrived at BC on Sat 6 April along with John Taske and Andy Maluish...

Wednesday 10 April: The Adventure Consultants Puja ceremony was conducted today on a clear...

Thursday 11 April: At 3.45am we descended on the breakfast tent and left for the icefall by 5am. Just now (10.25am) Tom Burch and Ellen Miller...

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Sunday 14 April: All climbers from the AC Expedition are heading up to Camp I today for a period of four days to acclimatize on the mountain. They will sleep at Camp I ... Click here for the full dispatch.

Thursday 18 April:  Guy Cotter has reported in from BC -  "all expedition members are going well, they have spent two nights at C2 and are back at BC for a few days rest here before going back to have a crack at C3. The weather has been outstanding... Click here for the full dispatch.

Wednesday 24 April:  The expedition team departed BC for Camp 2 on Monday 22 April, and experienced cold conditions with snow and wind along the way. The team members are all going well, and commented that these type of conditions have enhanced their acclimatisation process in operating in this environment, and are feeling stronger for their summit bid.... Click here for the full dispatch.

Saturday, 27 April:  We have just spoken with our guides at C2. They had a vicious windstorm yesterday which tried to obliterate C2. The team spent the entire day fortifying tents and having to collapse some just to stop them flying away. Bill estimated the winds were in excess of 180kph... Click here for the full dispatch.

Monday 29 April:  Lots of snow this morning, about 20cm last night at BC and at C2. All are down at BC except Lhakpa Dorjee, Phu Tashi and Pemba Rinji who are at C2 with Chuldim and Mingma. They have fixed rope to above the yellow band already... Click here for the full dispatch.

Saturday 4 May: The AC crew were at C2 on Thursday and headed up to C3 yesterday. They should arrive back at BC on Sunday. After much contemplation John Taske has decided to leave the expedition and is on his way down the valleys to fly back to Kathmandu from Lukla and onwards to his home... Click here for the full dispatch.

Monday 6 May: Guy Cotter reported in from BC today "Hello there, team are all down and feeling good. All made good time to C3 and no problems overnight for them so they, one and all, enjoyed pizza and beer in BC on arrival back at BC. This of course was preceded by homemade veggie soup and chips and followed by banana cake topped with cream.... Click here for the full dispatch.

Tomorrow our team intends to once again ascend the icefall and move through to C2. After a rest day the team will move to C3 and then onto C4 for the summit bid. Of course any plans in the mountains are bound to change so the final decision to go will be made from C2 with special consideration being made to the weather and the number of people who will be trying to make the ascent on the same day.... Click here for the full dispatch.

Sunday 12 May:  The AC team rose at 4.00am after a blustery night and headed off into the icefall at 5 o'clock to begin the climb to the summit. Before leaving, the team partook in the Sherpa tradition of throwing rice and walking through the ... Click here for the full dispatch.

Tuesday 14 May:  2.00pm Nepal time: Namaste. Yes, we've just heard from the group at C3. They report being in good spirits having taken a leisurely 5 hours from Camp 2 in cloudy, sometimes snowing, warm temperatures....  Click here for the full dispatch.

Wednesday 15 May: 0727 (Nepal): Just had a call from Dave at C3. The team are just departing C3 for South Col in excellent weather. The team are all feeling strong having had a good rest last night and report good conditions.... Click here for the full dispatch.

Wednesday 15 May:  Updates continued 1300 Nepal time; Just heard from Dave at 1230. He's just arrived on the col with the others behind him. 

Wednesday 15 May:  Updates continued, 1900 Nepal time and 2215 Nepal time

Thursday 16 May: 0700 Nepal time, 1300 NZ time: Dave has just been in contact via radio with Guy at Everest BC, they are just below the South Summit (8750m)... Click here for the full dispatch.

08:30 AM Nepal Time Adventure Consultants almost at Hillary Step

09:30 AM Nepal Time, Adventure Consultants, Summit in Sight

10:10 AM Nepal Time, Adventure Consultants, Ellen and Ang Dorjee Summits!

More Summits and the descent.

0940 hours Nepal time. All team members are coming down to base camp today... Today Bill reported 50-60 knots on the col

Summit photos