Aconcagua 2002!

Dispatch#12 December 29th, 2001.  Aconcagua Base Camp, Argentina.  Team II Hi this is Ellie calling in again from Aconcagua Base Camp, reporting in for the Aconcagua Team II, led by Pat Timson and Conan Bliss.  The group was in Base Camp all day after having a rest after a long carry up to Camp I the day before.  So everybody was ready to sleep in and have a nice big breakfast in the sunshine here at Base Camp.  The group spent most of the day hanging out doing laundry, filling water bags, generally enjoying the sunshine throughout the day until evening snow flurries hit, but we never did get hit very hard, and generally the group enjoyed the day and are looking forward to actually moving up, their first offical move up to Camp I tomorrow.

We have a couple of individual messages from folks.  One from Anita: she says, "Anita Fajita here from Baltimore.  Big thanks to my family, friends, jack(?) supporters, and well wishers for all the generous enthusiasm you have shown me for this trip.  To date I have raised over $15,000 for the Rena Rowen Breast Cancer Center in celebration and remembrance for all those who have been touched by this disease. And to her Mom.

We also have a message from Paul, from Michigan, wishing the best to his family and friends, no significant headaches yet, and he wants to send a special happy birthday wish to his mother.  So that's it from Aconcagua Group II enjoying the sunshine here at base camp and we'll hear more from them as they move up to Camp I tomorrow.


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