Aconcagua 2002!

Dispatch#14 December 31st, 2001.  Aconcagua Base Camp, Argentina.  Team I Hi this is Ellie reporting from Aconcagua Base Camp, where I've heard from Willi and the group going to the summit.  Willi called on the radio at about 2:30pm local time, this afternoon and at that time he was standing on the top with three people, he didn't say who they were, and soon after that, all seven that were making the summit attempt were standing on the summit!  I heard from him again at about 4:30 and at that point they were streaming back toward Independencia which is above Camp IV where they are staying tonight.  Willi says he has got some pretty tired people tonight, so they will be staying at Camp IV.  Lhakpa and Todd will continue on down to 19.2 where they will join Matthew there for the night. So congratulations to Corey, Roy, Chad, Scott, Guy and Bill, and to Todd, for his climb starting at 19,200 feet.  And congratulations to Matthew:  it's no mean feat reaching 20,000 feet on this mountain.  And even though he didn't reach the summit, we hope he's really proud of his accomplishment, that's way up in the air, where he made it to.  So congratulations to Willi's and Eric's crew, and we'll be hearing from Group II a little bit later.


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