Aconcagua 2002!

Dispatch#21 January 7th, 2002.  Aconcagua Base Camp, Argentina.  Team 3 Hola from Penitentes. This is Matt Szundy and Allen Carbert- Alpine Ascents' Team 3 guides touching base from the launching town for Aconcagua in Argentina. Our group photo was taken this morning at the Park headquarters where every Aconcagua climber is required to get their climbing permit.

Our group, consisting of nine climbers, has arrived in Mendoza in good spirits and are all feeling strong. This afternoon we arrived at Penitentes, did a thorough equipment check, finished packing our fresh food for the mules to transport to base camp and gave a high altitude physiology lecture before dinner. This seems to be a highly motivated team, we are psyched to get on the mountain and begin our 3-day walk to base camp tomorrow. Our first evening will find us at Pampa de Lenias; night 2 puts us at Casa de Piedra where we will get the first view of Aconcagua. The next morning we head up the spectacular Relenchos valley to our base camp, Plaza Argentina, where we look forward to seeing Ellie and Lakpa. Reports are that the weather has been good for the past five days up on the mountain. For now we are enjoying the last night ...for a long while.... of the simple creature comfort of a hot shower and real bed...

We will send another cybercast via the satellite phone from base camp in a few days.  Hope all is well.


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