Aconcagua 2002!

Dispatch#25 January 16th, 2002.  Aconcagua Base Camp, Argentina. Team Canusa Hi this is Ellie Henke calling in for Allen Carbert and Matt Szundy's Canusa group on Aconcagua.  It's January 16th and the word for today is Snow.  The day started out well, we had lots of sunshine melting yesterday's snow. Allen and the group started up from Base Camp on their move up to Camp I carrying the rest of their tents, sleeping bags and everything they will need to actually stay there and move on up the mountain.  Matt reports in that Allen broke trail up some of the snowfields and ended up with about 40 other people following in his footsteps, so good work Allen, and sounds like a lot of people appreciated your efforts.

They report in that there was no snow, but when Matt called in during the evening it was snowing again.  They reported about 6 inches of snow and more falling up there at Camp I. here at Base Camp it was also snowing and we could see snow all the way down the valley.  Tomorrow they'll be carrying up to Camp II, this will be a fairly easy day,  shouldn't take more than three hours or so to carry up and a quick move down, so they'll be able to rest some for the rest of the day.

There are a couple of quick messages from the group.  Allen says hi to Laura.  Tim says hit to Julie, Tyler and Jack.  David had a message for I think it's Denise and Nancy, saying hi to them but I will double check that to make sure I got that right for next time, and we'll have more messages later on from the rest of the group..  So with the group is hunkered in at Camp I in the snow, and Ellie and Lhakpa down in Base Camp enjoying a nice Dal Bat, that's it from Aconcagua and we'll report in again tomorrow. 


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