Aconcagua 2002!

Dispatch#33 January 23rd, 2002.  Aconcagua Base Camp, Argentina. Team Canusa  Hi this is Ellie Henke calling from Aconcagua Base Camp.  I just received a radio call from Lhakpa and Allen calling from the Aconcagua summit.  He says that the entire existing team, is just arriving at the summit along with the third guide, Matt Szundy.  So we're sending out a huge congratulations to David, Carter, Colin, to Jorma, Christine and Ed for this tremendous accomplishment reaching the top of this mountain.  I've asked Allen to tell them that yesterday we saw a huge parade of people heading down from Base Camp leaving the mountain, and these were all people, there were about 30 or 40 of them, that were up there at the same time as Allen's team and those folks are leaving the mountain while Allen and the folks are all standing on the summit, so a huge congratulations to them.

So for now it's 1:30 local time here on Aconcagua, Team Canusa is standing on the summit, and hopefully I'll be calling again a few hours later to confirm that everybody is back either at Camp IV or they may possibly be moving back to Camp III.  So once again congratulations to everybody, we'll be reporting back when everybody is safe back in camp.


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