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Everest 2002


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Dhaulagiri Autumn 02
Facts & History


Extreme altitude

We are now in KTM before leaving for Dhaulagiri BC. We are finally 11 people + Pemba Sherpa (2*Everest + Dhaulagiri, Manaslu and Shisha Pangma)
The team :
Ludovic CHALLEAT, French, Moutain guide, Leader
Jean-Marc VENGEON,French, Moutain guide
Francois LESAVRE, French, Moutain guide
Jean-Pierre OLLAGNIER, French, Moutain guide
Gilles ROMAN, French, Everest summiter
Christophe VEROVE, French,
Jean-Luc SCOTTO, French,
Joel COSTE, French,
Aziz KHAMALLAH, French,
Peter GUGGEMOS, German, 6*8000 Summits
Inaki OCHOA, Spanish, Moutain guide, 7*8000 Summits
We will leave KTM on the 8th to Pokhara and then fly to Jomosom on the 9th. We plan to reach the BC on the 16th. We will stay at the BC until the 11th of October and then be back in KTM on the 14th. We plan to make 3 camps : C1, 5800 m on the North East pass, C2, 6600 m and C3, 7400 m. 4 of us have skis to go to camp 1 or 2; JP OLLAGNIER will try to ski from the summit if good conditions. No problem in KTM, still very hot.
All the best, Ludovic Challeat. Next

Source: Ludovic CHALLEAT