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Everest 2002


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Cho Oyu Autumn 2002
Facts & History
Eric Simonson
IMG Cho Oyu Expedition Autumn 2002

Update #13 October 2, 2002: I spoke to Expedition Leader Ben Marshall on the sat phone from Advanced Base Camp and got the lowdown on the IMG team’s successful climb of Cho Oyu.  Ben described the last few weeks as a real roller coaster ride…with good weather, bad weather, lots of snow, wind, storm, aborted attempts, destroyed camps, and finally, a PERFECT day…..making all the hard work and waiting pay off.  Team members Ben Marshall, Mike Hamill, Rod Nelson, Jeff Miller, Kris Erickson, Jim Waldron, Kami Sherpa, and Danuru Sherpa reached the top at 9am on October 1.  They spent an hour on top, then descended successfully.  Five members spent the night at Camp 2, one went to Camp 1, and two to ABC.  All members are now at ABC safe and sound.  All IMG members used oxygen on the summit day and had no major health or altitude problems.  All team equipment has now been brought down to Camp 1 and tomorrow the five IMG Sherpas will make one more trip up to bring down the rest of the gear.  Yaks are due to arrive at ABC on the 4th, and the team will go to BC on the 5th, to Zhangmu on the 6th, and to Kathmandu on the 7th.

This puts the total number of IMG Cho Oyu summitters at over 80 on the world’s sixth highest mountain.   Since 1995 IMG has conducted 11 expeditions (ten successful) on Cho Oyu.


Eric Simonson

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