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Everest 2002


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Cho Oyu Autumn 2002
Facts & History
Eric Simonson
IMG Cho Oyu Expedition Autumn 2002

Update #4 September 6, 2002: Ben Marshall reports that most of the Cho Oyu team has moved into ABC at 18,500 feet,  and is doing well.  Three of the members, Kurt Weidmann, Mike Hamill, and Kaji Sherpa are staying down at BC for a couple days to shake off a chest cold.  Otherwise, the trip to ABC went smoothly (with 40 plus yaks!) and everyone is safe and sound.  The IMG campsite at ABC is a little below the main ABC site, which gets quite crowded with other expeditions.  Our IMG teams have been using this alternative site for several years now.  Several expeditions got to the mountain ahead of our group, including Japanese and Chinese groups.  They have now established Camp 1.  The IMG team plans to take a rest day tomorrow at ABC, then do an acclimatization hike to Camp 1 on the 8th.  So far the weather has been cloudy, with occasional snow.  The mountain is covered in snow, which is to be expected this time of year, at the end of the monsoon.  The current plan is for the team to have a puja at ABC on the 9th, after which the trekkers will descend to BC and the Sherpas and climbers will start moving up the mountain to establish the upper camps.

IMG Cho Oyu Team (from a prior year) above Camp 1: Source Eric Simonson


Eric Simonson

Expedition Organizer

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