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  Nancy Norris: What are you waiting for?

Part Two: Not quitting if at first you don't succeed!


Nancy's trip to Aconcagua in 1999 included some trouble with altitude. What made her want to continue to try to climb high after that?


My trip to Aconcagua was such a great experience even though I was a little ill from the altitude and I had so much edema that I resembled the Pillsbury Dough Boy It was a great learning experience and again I was in the Mountains (with Bruce as guide) and experiencing things I never imagined.

It in some ways was a tough trip because everyone did better than I did and I don't remember anyone else having trouble with altitude, but it just made me want to climb more and be more successful on the next mountain. I never once thought of giving up I only wanted to go on. My o2 sat level was for a time at 60, but Bruce kept an eye on me and I made it to high camp. I felt victorious when I came down from that mountain, I didn't feel defeated at all.


I don't remember having the lesson of "never give up" drilled into me as a child, but it was in deed delivered. My parents went through some hard times, but they never gave up, not for a moment. I know that's where I get it. I've always told my children, if you want something bad enough go after it and never give up until you've achieved what you want. Nancy



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