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 December 2001 News, Expedition Coverage and Notes

December Headlines Archive Note Dec 1-31 order

12/01 Wally Romanes repeated his father ascent, who made the first ascent of Ama Dablam on March 13, 1961 led by Ed Hillary.

12/01 Found On Everest: Detectives on the Roof of the World

12/01 Winter Gear Prep

12/01 Bernard Voyer: Vinson 2001 New updates

12/03 Nasuh Mahruki, in Cypress on Friday on a sail boat, getting ready for his next great adventure

12/03 Comparison Charts

12/03 Kathleen Jamie plans to visit Pakistan in Feb, 2002

12/03 Heart Rate Monitors: And the Beat Goes On

12/03 EverestHistory.com

12/04 No oxygen bottles left at Camp 4 of Everest ?

12/04 Mountain Culture Director to Speak at United Nations

12/04 Avalanche Probes

12/04 This rope was found wrapped around Mallory’s body! Who cut it ?

12/04 The classified ads continue to grow in number, check them out !

12/05 Essential Gear Checklist

12/05 Bernard Voyer: Vinson 2001 Two new updates

12/05 Everest Speakers Updated

12/05 Current Situation In Pakistan By Essar 12/5/2001

12/05 Pakistan 2002 Peace Climb: The Everest Peace Mountaineers will go to Pakistan this summer to climb as a symbol to the world that “we all can get along”. !!!

12/06 In spring 2002 Ben Saunders, aged 24 will set out solo, unsupported and on foot from Russia. Worth your read...

12/06 K2 2002 Expedition

12/06 Winter Lhotse 2001/2002, Yes Winter Lhotse !!!

12/06 Patagonia: The Next 100 Years

12/07 Canadian Bernard Voyer: Vinson 2001 Two new updates

12/07 Winter 2001/2002 Nepal Expeditions: The List

12/07 Gary Guller plans to go to Mongolia in 2002 and let Everest wait a Year until 2003.

12/07 Swiss/Italian Gasherbrum 4 Expedition 2002

12/07 What, Me Climb?

12/07 Snowboard Packages in time for Christmas !

12/08 Swiss Shishapangma/Cho Oyu Autumn 2001 This is a large must see trip report/picture show; 25 pictures/pages in all; Enjoy !

12/08 Canadian Bernard Voyer: Vinson 2001 Update

12/08 Ski Boots: Getting a Kick Start to the Slopes

12/08 Everest Speakers Updated

12/10 The Ashraf Aman Q&A, the 9th person to Summit K2. A great Q&A!

12/10 Broad Peak 2002 Expedition

12/10 Nepal News bits (a few)

12/10 Everest 2002 begins January 2, 2002 on EverestNews.com

12/10 Trekking poles: Let your arms do some of the work.

12/11 Canadian Bernard Voyer: Vinson 2001 Three Updates, with the last being a must read !

12/11 Nepal News: Another December Day in Nepal!

12/11 Slovenian climbers: A Very Brief Overview

12/11 Dressing for Excess

12/12 Pakistan 2002 Peace Climb: The Everest Peace Mountaineers will go to Pakistan this summer to climb as a symbol to the world that “we all can get along”. !!!

12/12 EverestHistory.com: Wanda Rutkiewicz Just the best woman climber ever

12/12 SkiEverest.com has been updated

12/12 The Adventure Grand Slam has a new member

12/12 Beyond Macaroni and Cheese

12/12 Lectures/Shows Update

12/13 Denis Urubko, one of the best today, and a man moving up the ladder with his eye set on the Quest for the 14 without oxygen.

12/13 The prestigious Piolet d'Or award will be given out this week. The award is given to the most important Alpine achievement of the year. And the Nominees are:

12/13 Canadian Bernard Voyer: Vinson 2001

12/13 Swiss Shishapangma/Cho Oyu Autumn 2002 This is a large must see trip report/picture show; 25 pictures/pages in all; Enjoy !

12/13 Outerwear: What the experts pick.

12/13 Nepal News: Nepal Tourism Board News

12/14 Mount Everest Golden Jubilee Celebration with a 82 year old  Summiter

12/14 The Everest Time Line is expanding!

12/14 Who are the best Mountaineers today?

12/14 Did you miss? The EverestNews.com North Side Everest Spring 2001 Summit list

12/14 2001 Everest Summits South Side (Nepal) Now 101 Summits

12/14 Capturing the Moment

12/14 Our focus on Pakistan continues: Facts Sheet on Tourism in Pakistan

12/15 The Death of another Legend

12/15 Foot Basics

12/15 Did you miss? Shishapangma: On the South Face The Trip Report September 30, 2001 Kathmandu, Nepal

12/15 Tunc Findik at Summit of Everest May 23, 2001

12/15 Gasherbrum Expedition and News Index

12/15 Dhaulagiri 2002: American Robert Link


12/17 Alan Hinkes to go guiding Again !!!

12/17 Comparison Charts

12/17 More success for Jagged Globe 

12/17 Winter Kangtega North Face 2001

12/18 The coveted first ascent of the NW Ridge Direct of Ama Dablam

12/18 Skis: On the Upswing with Shapes to Fit Your Style

12/18 Daniel Mazur: Kangchenjunga 2002!

12/18 Ready to make a friend in the ski business?

12/18 Pakistan 2002 Expedition and General News: Expeditions Announced to date for 2002

12/18 Everest Speakers Updated

12/19 Winter cybercast of Aconcagua: New Improved Coverage, check it out !

12/19 EverestHistory.com: Routes

12/19 Offseason Riding Attire

12/19 Have you seen the Classified Ads recently?

12/19 Climbers Interviews and Profiles

12/20 So now what for Erik Weihenmayer?

12/20 EverestHistory.com: Time Line Updated

12/20 Seven Summits Updated

12/20 EverestHistory.com: Firsts

12/20 Did you miss? 182 Summits of Everest in Spring 2001; The story of the possible 183rd we did not include...

12/21 Who are the best Mountaineers today?

12/21 Nepal News: Press Release from Nepal Tourism Board

12/21 Argentina is in a state of siege

12/21 Winter Shishapangma 2001/2002

12/21 Holiday Gift Guide

12/21 The beautiful pictures of Nathalie Tremblay and Bernard Voyer on Vinson Winter 2001

12/21 SkiEverest.com: Deals, thrills, and soon spills

12/22 Slovenian Climbers, 1778-1998

12/22 Travel to Nepal is down

12/22 How are things with the climbers in Argentina? Check out Willi Prittie reporting from Aconcagua Base Camp, Argentina.

12/22 The youngest American Everest Summiter

12/24 Nepal open 103 new peaks! 

12/24 The list of 103 new peaks to be opened

12/24 Merry Christmas from Olivier Roduit: Shishapangma Autumn 2001

12/24 Going Outside with Old Man Winter

12/24 Merry Christmas from Byron Smith

12/24 Ski Travel Deals Get away from it all

12/25 A little Something for Christmas: 10 Pictures from the past on EverestNews.com

12/26 Erik Weihenmayer Named One of Time Magazine’s Best in Sport in 2001 

12/26 Everest 2002 begins in 7 days.... But lets finish 2001 first...

12/26 Hans Kammerlander retired from the 8000 meter peaks but why?

12/26 Pakistan 2002 Peace Climb: The Everest Peace Mountaineers will go to Pakistan this summer to climb as a symbol to the world that “we all can get along”. !!!

12/26 Everest Speakers

12/27 Winter cybercast of Aconcagua: check it out !

12/27 Erik Weihenmayer’s book, TOUCH THE TOP OF THE WORLD,

12/27 Everest: The West Ridge Direct

12/27 EverestHistory.com: Time Line  Updated

12/27 EverestHistory.com: Ascent Routes on Everest Updated

12/27 EverestHistory.com: Firsts Updated

12/28 Winter cybercast of Aconcagua: continues !

12/28 Some Changes in the of Liaison Officer requirements in Nepal

12/28 ALERT: Increased Cyber Awareness

12/28 Lectures/Shows: A rare chance to hear George Dijmarescu and meet Lakpa Sherpa in person. Two of the very best Everest climbers today!

12/28 Wilderness Medical Training

12/29 Did you notice: Aconcagua Facts and History

12/29 Nepal News: Press Release from Nepal Tourism Board

12/29 Winter cybercast of Aconcagua: check it out !

12/29 Backcountry Hiking Safety

12/29 The Second Death of George Mallory: The Enigma and Spirit of Mount Everest by Reinhold Messner

12/29 Interview with Jean Christophe Lafaille 

12/31 Nepal Visa fees and filming fees reduced

12/31 Winter cybercast of Aconcagua: We just heard from Willi and he reports that his group just completed their first carry up to Camp III at 19,200 feet.

12/31 Have you read the Classified Ads?

12/31 TOUCHING MY FATHER’S SOUL By Jamling Tenzing Norgay: The complete introduction by Jon Krakauer here for you to read ! and what others say about this book.

12/31 Take it Easy, Take a Hike

12/31 Hi this is Ellie calling in from Aconcagua Base Camp reporting for Team I.  Willi and the group spent last night up at Amagino Col...

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