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 Dec. 20-31th,1999 Daily Reports

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Daily News: 12/31/99 Report

  • Mountaineers of the Century

A Tie for the Greatest:

Greatest Climber: Reinhold Messner & Jerzy Kukuczka

Jerzy, list of climbs are just too tough not to be first. No climbers today, are attempting Jerzy climbs in his style. Messner is Messner.

Greatest Woman Climber: Wanda Rutkiewicz with Ginette Harrison a close second because of her 98-May Kangchenjunga North face (28,208ft) - first female ascent of the mountain puts her on the list, along with her 5 other 8000 meter Summits in two years. A couple of Chinese women climbers are heading up the list. Alison Hargreaves did not make it down from K2.

Greatest American Climber: Tom Hornbein, toughest one to pick.

Greatest Sherpa: Appa Sherpa with Babu Sherpa a close second.

Greatest climbing pair: Erhard Loretan and Jean Troillet

Greatest Guide: Rob Hall

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In a few days we will publish EverestNews.com reader's picks.

Daily News: 12/30/99 Report

  • Mountaineers of the Century

Greatest Climber

Greatest Woman Climber

Greatest American Climber


Give us Your opinion at everestnews2004@adelphia.net

Results on Friday...

  • The Year in Review: April/March 1999

Some of the highlights were:

The Casey Read/Willie Benegas story.

Everest South Side Expeditions list

8000 meter expeditions in Nepal is up at: www.everestnews.com/climbers.htm

Everest North Side Expeditions

Shisha Pangma Spring 99 Expeditions

News including the coverage of:

1.) Everest 1999 on EverestNews.com

2.) Alan Hinkes Spring Makalu 99

3.) Cho Oyu Spring 99

Daily News: 12/29/99 Report

  • The Year in Review: Feb/March 1999

Some of the highlights were:

A Q&A by:

1.) Erik Weihenmayer (his Q&A Page.)

Addition of Several Pages to EverestNews.com including the following:

1.) EverestNews.com Classified Ads

2.) Types of Expeditions: EverestNews.com has a types of expeditions page which should help you understand a little more how all of this works.

Announcing of Expeditions for:

1.) Makalu 99: Brigitte Muir who finished the Seven Summits in 1997 with a summit of Everest  will be on Makalu in 1999.  " I am going to Makalu with Ginette Harrison's Expedition, can't wait !!! "  Brigitte

2.) Cho Oyu Spring 99: EverestNews.com first Dispatch from the American Women's Century Expedition (Cho Oyu All women expedition) led by Supy (Amy) Bullard is here !

Announcing Everest Expeditions for:

1.) Graham Ratcliffe as part of Henry Todd's Expedition from Everest as Graham's attempt to become the first Brit to Summit Everest from the North and South Sides. (He did it !!!)

Graham 2000 Plans can be found here:  www.highambitions.com  

2.) Patagonia Mountain Agency which includes the  Everest climber Richard Pawlowski will be attempting Everest from the North Side in Spring

3.) 15-year-old Arbin Timilsina, a Nepalese schoolboy, is planning to attempt the Summit of Everest from the South Side with support hired from Asian-Trekking Sherpa guides.

4.) HKE Jagged Globe: HKE will be sharing a permit with Henry Todd's group on the South Side of Everest along with several others sharing this permit. News from Steve Bell, " We are sharing a permit with Henry and also some of the expedition infrastructure.  But the team will be fairly self-contained, with its own base camp, Sherpas and leader.  We only have a small team this year, hence the need to link up with another team to make it viable.  The team is: David Hamilton (Leader, UK), Joby Ogwyn (USA), Jaime Vinals  (Guatamala), Karl Flynn (Ireland), Marcella Dunne (Ireland), And that's it !  Simon Lowe is the Operations Director and he will be overseeing the expedition from here.  We will keep you updated."

All the best, Steve Bell

HKE Jagged Globe new web site is http://www.hkexpeds.demon.co.uk/index.html.

Daily News: 12/28/99 Report

  • The Year in Review: January 1999

January 1998 was a busy month for the Staff at EverestNews.com

Features were Q&A's by:

1.) Everest climber David Keaton, the youngest person at the time (29 yrs) to complete either version of the Seven Summits. The same year he also became the first person to have attained both the 'Seven Summits' and the 50 US state highpoints.

2.) Ed Douglas, Author of  Chomolungma Sings the Blues, on the Ed Douglas Page.  

Addition of Several Pages to EverestNews.com including the following:

1.) Seven Summits Page (Which is now outdated and needs updated....) There are two lists because some feel Kosciusko (or Kosciuszko), the highest point on the Australian continent should be included. Actually a point of debate. Some feel that Australia is really not a continent, but that Australasia is, and therefore Carstensz should be included... 

2.) Addition of a Site Index to EverestNews.com, which also need updated and revised...

3.) Addition of a Page featuring Ang Dorje Sherpa.

News including the coverage of:

1.) The expedition of New Zealander Peter Hillary, son of Everest conqueror Sir Edmund, and Australians Eric Phillips and Jon Muir has reached the south Pole. They sat out across Antarctica on a journey attempted to recreate the ill-fated expedition of British explorer Robert Falcon Scott in 1911. They found the trek rough with many challenges. Please check their web site for all the details: http://www.iridium-icetrek.org/index.htm

Announcing of Expeditions for:

1.) Shishapangma : The 1999 American Ski Expedition  http://www.bdel.com/Shishapangma/SPIntro.htm Their objective is to climb and ski Shishapangma via the 1990 Swiss/Polish route. High altitude skiing represents the ultimate challenge in ski mountaineering. To successfully ski the southwest face of Shishapangma would be an outstanding measure of success in ski mountaineering. This elite group of climbers includes some of American's best. Check out their site ! Source: Andrew McLean, The 1999 American Ski Expedition 

This expedition was later picked up for coverage by NBC. Alex Lowe died on this expedition.

Announcing Everest Expeditions for:

1.) Bernard Voyer Expedition Everest, Bernard and his wife summited Kilimanjaro on December 21st.  While standing on the summit, we used the new Iridium satellite phone to make some calls to family, friends, and media.  Bernard tells us," We were able to watch the sun rise over the African plains. Marvelous! "  Bernard Voyer Expedition Everest web site can be found on our Everest 99 Expedition Links Page.

2.) Eric Simonson leading a group that included our friend Jochen . This expedition appears to be taking on several tasks including Jochen Hemmleb's Research.

History was made.

3.) Goran Kropp

http://www.kroppaventyr.se/english/index.html, which is also on our web site of the week table.

Daily News: 12/27/99 Report

  • Everest Spring 2000

In Spring 2000, Juan Oiarzabal from Spain will head an expedition to emulate Mallory & Irvine's 1924 attempt on Everest.

Juan is one of only 6 men to Summit all of the 14 8000 meter peaks.

This expedition will film their climb while attempting to reproduce Mallory & Irvine's ascents. Juan and his expedition will attempt the same route as Mallory & Irvine without the use of bottled oxygen.

Juan Oiarzabal, clearly one of the greatest H. A. climbers ever, gives this group hope and credibility.

Daily News: 12/24/99 Report

  • Merry Christmas from EverestNews.com

Do all the good you can,

By all the ways you can,

In all the places you can,

At all the times you can,

To all the people you can,

As long as you ever can.

                        - John Wesley

Something to live by.

May your Christmas be special and remember.

Daily News: 12/23/99 Report

They are seeking to help clean up Everest.

You can help by making your donations directly to them, or being a sponsor !

Daily News: 12/22/99 Report

  • As 1999 nears an end it is time for the annual nominations for the best ascent of the last year. www.risk.ru
  • Did everyone notice Appa Sherpa is part of the


    2000 Everest Environmental Expedition

    If you missed Appa's Q&A...

    Many has found his insights interesting.

Daily News: 12/21/99 Report

  • Everest Spring 2000

As EverestNews.com begins our Everest 2000 coverage several issues come to mind for the staff, our readers, and most of all for the Everest climbers.

1.) Will there be an unholy scramble for Sandy Irvine's body next spring, with several teams racing to capitalize on the media exposure that George got, as some have predicted?

2.) Will there be a privately funded clean-up of Everest bodies on the North Side (without media coverage) as has been discussed by climbers?

3.) Will there be a race for the first up in 2000 ?

4.) How will the climbers handle the large numbers in 2000. More climbers are expected in 2000 than ever before... How many and who will not return ?

The answers are simple, the details are hard.

Everest and Mother Nature will help to determine what actually happens in 2000, i.e., will the heavy snow be gone by Spring 2000, or will it keep coming. Was Everest 1999, a prediction of the future to come or another oddity not to be seen again for several years?

EverestNews.com will attempt to help to report some of the details thanks to the assistance of many of the expeditions and climbers on the mountain.

The Mountaineering Must Haves


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