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Everest 2002


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Dhaulagiri Autumn 02
Facts & History


Extreme altitude

Dhaulagiri step by step....
The team :
Ludovic CHALLEAT, French, Moutain guide, Leader
Jean-Marc VENGEON,French, Moutain guide
Francois LESAVRE, French, Moutain guide
Jean-Pierre OLLAGNIER, French, Moutain guide
Gilles ROMAN, French, Everest summiter
Christophe VEROVE, French,
Jean-Luc SCOTTO, French,
Joel COSTE, French,
Aziz KHAMALLAH, French,
Peter GUGGEMOS, German, 6*8000 Summits
Inaki OCHOA, Spanish, Moutain guide, 7*8000 Summits

Latest News:

Back to KTM after a month on Dhaulagiri.
Globally, we had bad weather and a lot of snow...
We arrived om the 16th of september in BC.
17th : put fixed ropes and carried loads after ice fall,
18th : carried loads after ice fall,
19th / 20th : bad weather,
21st : climbed up to camp 1 (pass, 5800 m),
22nd : rest,
23rd : tried to climb to camp 2 (big risk of avalanches), we left loads at 6400 m,
24th : 30 hours of snow falls, stayed in camp 1
25th : big risks of avalanches to go down, camp 1
26th : back to BC
27-29 : good weather, rest in BC waiting for better snow conditions
30 : up to camp 1
1st : up to camp 2 (6700 m)
2nd : track + put fixed rope until 7200 m
3rd : track + put fixed ropes until 7400 m
4th : night in camp 3 (7500 m)
5th : attempt to summit : more than 1 meter of soft snow in the traverse. Back to C1
6th : back to BC.
Best regards Ludo.

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