Dhaulagiri Facts and History

The seventh highest peak in the world Dhaulagiri (26788ft: 8167 meters). This mountain is one of the true jewels of the Himalayas. While Cho Oyu is touted by many as an easy 8000er, Dhaulagiri, named "White Mountain," from the Sanskrit dhavala giri, has a reputation of being one of the more technically challenging 8000-meter peaks of the Himalayas. One of the more alluring qualities of Dhaulagiri is the lack of big commercial expeditions. Only seasoned mountaineers seem to have interest in this formidable mountain. Dhaulagiri has an  enormous massif, and is located in central Nepal. It is the highest mountain located entirely in Nepal. Dhaulagiri crest is approximate 30 miles long, with 4 summits that rise above 25,000 feet. 

Several attempts on Dhaulagiri between 1950-1959 were made by the French, Swiss, Austrians and Argentineans, but all attempts failed on the north side on the mountain. 

The first successful summit of the mountain was in 1960; By Austrian K. Diemberger, the German P. Diener, Myima Dorji Sherpa, Nawang Dorji Sherpa and the Swiss mountaineers E. Forrer, A. Schelbert via the Northeast side. 

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