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Dutch Mount Everest North Side 2002

Report May 21st: Successful preparations We have called with Hans and Wilco. It goes well with the boys. They used the calm period to establish camp 2 (7400 m.) and camp 3( 7900 m.) They will rest know, eat good and recuperate a little.

Wednesday May 22nd: Dramatic developments on Everest

We received bad news from Hans and Wilco. The Dutch team has a major setback: The very well established and fully stocked camp 3 has been blown of the mountain completely.

What happened before: They established camp 2 on May 14th. They climbed to 7800 meter to establish the highest camp of the expedition. The picture shows the route from camp 1 to camp 2. They tried to go for the summit on May 16th and 17th but decided to descend to ABC due to the effort, the cold and the hard wind to recover for the summit climb.

Despite this they are moving back up the mountain....



Hans sick in BC

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