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Dutch Mount Everest North Side 2002

Update 5/27: The grand finale has started !

Update Monday-morning May 27th. Hans and Wilco are on their way up. They left ABC and are climbing to the North Col. 

On Saturday they reached ABC. The long climb from 5200 meters to 6400 meters was very tiring. They rested on Sunday and called with home.

Hans and Wilco are currently the only active climbers left on the mountain. [This is NOT confirmed.] An international team has descended recently after an unsuccessful summit attempt. This makes Hans and Wilco the only climbers left with a chance to reach the summit from the North side without the use of additional oxygen. This emphasizes the unique character of this expedition. 

At this moment Hans and Wilco are climbing to 7600 meters. At noon they should arrive at the North Col where they will put their down-suits on. After an hour break and taking in a lot of fluid they climb in 4 to 5 hours to Camp 2 at 7600 meter. They expect to arrive in the late afternoon. When arrived they will call home again, their last call for the summit attempt..

On Wednesday they go for the summit. 

Hans and Wilco will leave from Camp 2 on Tuesday May 28th at night around 10 PM to climb to 8300 meter. While climbing during the night they will use the light from the moon and their head torches. At 8300 meter they will use a tent, provided by Simone Moro, for a short break and taking in fluids. They will start the ultimate summit attempt on Wednesday May 29th at 1 or 2 AM. 

When they have reached the summit they will call home.



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