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Dutch Mount Everest North Side 2002

Update 6/3/2002: Hans and Wilco back in BC

Hans and Wilco hiked back to BC (5200 m.) with all the expedition gear on Sunday June 2nd. They only arrived at night due to the difficulties of 
Hans with walking.

All the expedition gear has been carried by Yaks from ABC. Wilco was able to retrieve the 40 kg backpack, with some of the gear of the high camps, from under the North Col, where he had left it behind. It is difficult for Hans to walk due to the frostbite on his toes. We have received only short messages from ABC because they are not able to charge the batteries of the sat phone. In BC they have solar panels to charge the batteries. Hans and Wilco are packing all gear for transportation now. This will be shipped by courier from Kathmandu. On Tuesday June 4th they will go by 4WD car to Kathmandu. They will arrive on Wednesday night. Then they have to take care of a lot of things. The plan is to leave Kathmandu on June 10th to arrive in Holland on June 11th. 



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