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 American Everest 2002 Expedition

With a Ski Descent planned!

Update: Friday, 26 April 2002, via Satellite phone call from ABC:
Jim called last night [which was actually 1:00 pm on the 26th on Everest] for some phone support of a laptop PC technical problem. Seems the laptop does not like the cold temperatures and had crashed. They had it back up, but needed my help with some email settings.

Health: Jim, Adrian and Scott are all struggling with colds right now to one degree or the other.

Schedule: As a result of the colds the team has decided to spend at least another day at ABC and their plan to move up to Camp 1 on the 26th, spend the night there, then do a carry of gear to Camp 2 and returning to ABC has been delayed by at least one day.

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