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 American Everest 2002 Expedition

With a Ski Descent planned!

Update: Saturday, 27 April 2002, via satellite phone call from Scott at ABC to his fianceť, Adrienne: I am sorry to say the hard drive is apparently shot on Scott's lap top computer. Big bummer! They think they may be able to borrow another computer once and a while from the other teams. Let us hope so!

[Even if they are able to borrow one occasionally it is going to mean a major reduction in emails and pictures to and from the team, I think. Dispatches will continue via satellite phone calls.]

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Their tent and cooking pots blew away at camp one, so that is another problem they have to deal with. They started up to Camp 4 yesterday, but had to turn back because of the high wind, after caching some gear and food they will pick up when they return to Camp 4 again. Scott said that every day starts off beautiful and clear, but ends up very windy. They are back at ABC about to go to bed. I am not sure what their plan is now.

Health: Adrian's and Scott's colds have improved, but no mention of how Jim's is.

[My (Bill) guess is they will most likely remain at ABC and wait for the weather (wind) to improve before going higher. This will also give them a bit more time to recuperate from their colds, too. I have learned that many teams are having tents blown away or severely damaged by the high winds. Everest is known for its high winds though, so this is a normal thing to be occurring. The team will just have to be patient and wait for things to improve. They have other tents and cooking pots, so while losing these items at Camp 4 will entail some work-arounds on their part, it is not catastrophic and will not end their expedition. Climbing big mountains is all about resolving problems (as Scott stated in an earlier dispatch) and overcoming hardships. The mountain will let them climb higher only when it is ready to.]