Alpine 8000 Everest 2002 Expedition

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Alpine 8000 Everest 2002 Expedition

Expedition: Leader: Willie Benegas

Robert Geier  -  Australia
Maria Maccecchini  - USA
Louis Strik  -  Holland

   * Pingui, a small stuffed Penguin, the only penguin to summit 2 times. Our team mascot

Sherpas:  After two summits together, I consider them my best friends in Nepal.
   * Phenden Sherpa 3 times to the summit.
   * Pemba Ringi Sherpa     3 times to the summit.
   * Mingma Sherpa            1 summit.
   * Dalengi Sherpa cook
   * Dorgi Sherpa C2 cook
   * Migma chiri Sherpa    South Col.

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4/5: Arrival to base camp.
4/8: With great gratitude we accepted the Puja, an incredible ceremony where we had plenty of chang, food and dancing. 

4/9: Departure with acclimatization to camp I, 6000 m.  The fall is in good shape, although not at all solid, but less dangerous than the last seasons.  Back in base camp, Dawa was waiting for us with delicious and juicy steaks.  We had our classic Movie Night (Romeo & Juliet)
4/13: Members move to camp One.
4/14: Puja for the Women Expeditions.  At the same time I started to prepare a meeting with the leaders of other expeditions.  I really think it is necessary that all the expeditions get together and work together in case of emergency or other cases.  After two seasons at Everest I have realized that, with so many expeditions on the same route, it is very important that we can work together in cooperation. Expeditions that agreed:
Alpine 8000 Everest 2002 Expedition (me, Willie the leader)
International Mountain Guides.
Expedition Adventure Consultants.
Geneva Expedition.
Alpine Ascents.
Mountain Madness.

4/15:  Leaders meeting in my camp.  Topics discussed:
   * Emergency treatment in high altitude camps
   * Lines fixation on the Lotse wall.
   * Radio frequency for each team.
   * Have a lot of fun!

PS: The Lotse wall seems like a skating ring.