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Adventure Peaks Everest 2002 Expedition

Lead by David Allason Pritt

First Dispatch: The North Ridge 28th March - June 7th: On Thursday 28th March the Adventure Peaks Everest team will depart Heathrow airport bound for Kathmandu.

The team are:- Dave Pritt and Jill Pinkerton - Adventure Peaks expedition leaders Andy Mayers, Gordon Read, Christopher Mothersdale, Murray Campbell, Christopher Burrows-wood, Stuart Peacock, David Horrox and Patricia McGuirk and John Neville from Ireland.

The team has been formed over the last sixteen months, with the majority of the members meeting on a monthly basis, either in The Lake District, North Wales or Scotland to climb and walk together, with the opportunity for all to get to know each other. The past year has seen a good bond grow amongst the team, hopefully a good grounding for a supportive, successful expedition.

The team will depart Kathmandu over the Easter weekend, crossing the border into Tibet, from which it will take 5 - 6 days to reach Everest base camp at 5200m. On route the team will benefit from some acclimatisation walks.

Base camp will be established on the Rongbuk Glacier at 5200m, from here the North Ridge follows the original Mallory and Irvine route. After several days at base camp the team will begin acclimatisation walks up to their intermediate camp at 5600m, then move further up to their advanced base camp at 6200m which is situated high on moraine below the North Col.

Once the team reach Everest base camp at the end of next week, progress reports will be e-mailed from base camp on a regular basis so you can follow the teams progress.


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