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Adventure Peaks Everest 2002 Expedition

Lead by David Allason Pritt

The Team  
Dave Pritt Adventure Peaks Leader
Jill Pinkerton Adventure Peaks
Chris Burrows-Wood UK
Murray Campbell UK
Holly Gushe Canada
David Horrex UK
Andy Mayers UK
Patricia McGuirk Ireland
John Neville Ireland
Stuart Peacock UK
Gordon Read UK

The team met up at Heathrow on 28/03/02, while checking in the luggage a film crew from the fly on the wall documentary Airport where filming for a new series.
Dave Pritt and Jill Pinkerton, Adventure Peaks Leaders, was interviewed regarding the Everest expedition. Chris Mothersdale was also interviewed regarding the experiments he will be carrying out for internet based science education for schools and Guiness book of records. So all being well you will see us in the new series of Airport in June.

Although it is quite a long flight to Nepal, time seemed to pass quickly and before we new it we had arrived in Kathmandu. The only hiccup being Patricia Mc Guirks luggage had been delayed. From the airport we were taken to the Hotel, after a whirlwind tour of some of Kathmandu's back-streets we checked into the Hotel Manang. A Nice Hotel on one of the main streets. Here we were joined by Holly Gushe who had previously been traveling in India.

We had a couple of days in Kathmandu before we could start our journey to base camp. This was spent sorting out kit to be loaded into the lorries, buying last minute luxury items and taking in the sights. On the 1st April we set off on our journey to Everest Base Camp. First we had to cross the border into Tibet. We traveled through Nepal to a Place called Friendship Bridge. Thankfully we crossed the border into Tibet before a Maoist strike was called, on the Nepalese side, which we understood could have delayed us for up to 6 days.

Just over the border was our first stop in a town called Zhang Mu. Away from the cities, the towns are quite sparse and so places to stay and places to eat in become limited. However knowing that you're going to be spending nearly 2 months under canvas makes it easier to accept that two and a half star accommodation is a luxury not to be scoffed at. We had one night in Zhang Mu, we then had to wait for our main luggage and freight to catch us up. Then it was onto Nylam, this took us along some of the most breath taking roads (Roads is a bit of an overstatement) I have ever been on. Breath taking from both the scenery that we were passing through and how sheer the drops were at the side of the narrow dirt tracks we were traveling along. At just over 3700m we entered Nylam as it began to snow, nobody was quite prepared for the heavy downfall and the cold weather so early on into the trip.

The next day gave us our first chance to stretch our legs and get some acclimatization. We all headed for a 4370m peak just outside Nylam. It felt good to be out on the hills after a few days couped up on bus and in hotels.

April 4th, we headed out to the village of Tingri (4320m) this would be our last stop before reaching Everest Base Camp. The road into Tingri gave us our first sights of Everest and Cho Oyu. Even from a long distance there is no denying that the view of the North Face & North East Ridge of Everest is a spectacular sight. Tingri is only a small village and more basic than the other two places we had stayed, however I preferred this place over the others. Again we had a day put aside to acclimatize. So we headed up a giant sand-dune like peak which took us to around 5000m.

April 6th, On the road one last time final destination Everest Base Camp. For this part of the trip we had 3 Land Cruisers to take us over the rough terrain. The trip took us over a pass at 5100m dropping down the other side we stopped to take in probably the most impressive panorama I have ever seen. The view covering virtually the whole Horizon gave us the sights of 7 of the highest mountains in the world and there sitting proud in the middle was Everest.

Before arriving at Base Camp (5165m) we made a visit to the Rongbuck Monastery, which also gave us the best close-up views of the mountain. We finally reached Base Camp and unloaded what kit we had, we then had to wait for the lorries to turn up with the rest of the kit. Unfortunately when the lorries eventually turned up Gordon found he was one bag short. This had all his high altitude down gear in, Gordon thought this was the end of the trip but fortunately between the team members we were able to gather everything he needed.

Well today is the 10th, we have had a few days acclimatizing. Tomorrow we leave for Advance Base Camp, this will take two days to get to at height of 6200m and a distance of 20 km from Main Base Camp. From there with the combined effort from 5 other teams we will be fixing lines up to the North Col, were we hope to stay for a night and then head back down to Base Camp, around 18th - 20th April, for a well earned rest. The next update will be at this time.

Report by Stuart Peacock from Everest Base Camp


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