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Adventure Peaks Everest 2002 Expedition

Lead by David Allason Pritt

The Team  
Dave Pritt Adventure Peaks Leader
Jill Pinkerton Adventure Peaks
Chris Burrows-Wood UK
Murray Campbell UK
Holly Gushe Canada
David Horrex UK
Andy Mayers UK
Patricia McGuirk Ireland
John Neville Ireland
Stuart Peacock UK
Gordon Read UK

Update 9th May 2002: The past two weeks has seen the team progress onto the North Col at 7010m where members have spent between one and four nights sleeping in bitterly cold conditions -28C (plus wind chill) for this time of year. Very strong winds saw a variety of teams tents blown from the col, fortunately ours escaped. Our only casualty was our toilet tent at ABC. Our North Col camp is now firmly established and well stocked.

Andy, Stuart, Chris M, Murray, David H were all able to progress up the North ridge to 7500-7600m for acclimatisation. Dave P, Jill, Patricia, Chris B and John stopped at the North Col. Gordon is still hoping to climb to the North Col.

Our Sherpas have established camp 2 at 7800m and are currently stocking it whilst also helping to fix lines. The team have returned to base camp to rest and prepare for a summit bid. It is hoped a summit bid could be made soon after the 16th May however this is ALL dependant on the weather which up to now has not been very helpful. The team may move back up to ABC on Saturday or Sunday.

On return from the North Col Jill was diagnosed as having Pluracy or Pulmonary Odema and has since been evacuated to Kathmandu, she flies back to England on Thursday. We are sorry to see her leave and wish her a speedy recovery.


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