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Gavin Bate Everest 2002 Expedition

APRIL 17 2002 Advance Base Camp, Everest.

We got a call today from Gav as he sat perched at Camp 1 (7,000m). He and Will had done their first climb above ABC - and have taken up some of their gear in what will be the first of many journeys between the two camps.

They left early this morning and walked for half-an-hour to the headwall of the North Col... They then started their climb of the wall, which took just over two and a half hours. Apparently the Russian team (who they had exchanged tipples with before at ABC) took seven and a half hours on the same route - so they feel as though they are acclimatizing well. Either that or the Russians were still feeling a bit groggy from the night before! Once they had dropped their gear off they had a quick rest then descended down the headwall back to ABC - in a very speedy 26 minutes according to Gav.

They are very tired, but at the same time happy that their first gear carry above ABC has gone smoothly. Tomorrow is a rest day and the next day they will be doing another carry to Camp 1. 

That's all for now, Take care, Richard


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