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Gavin Bate Everest 2002 Expedition

MAY 06 2002 Base Camp: Hi Everyone - got a call from Gavin today. He and Willie are back down at Base Camp for the first time in a month to gorge on the oxygen-rich air. They anticipate to be at Base Camp for three days, then make the two day trek back to Advanced Base Camp - from where they will assess the situation as regards any summit attempt.

At the moment they are dependant on two main factors: the weather (of course!) and the progress of other teams attempting the North Ridge route. So far they are completely stocked up at Camp 2 and as they are unwilling to break trail above that height they are having to hold on for the other teams to catch up.

They have left their laptop and high-speed sat phone at ABC so for the next few days there won't be much excitement. However, if they make any tactical decisions I will let you know,

That's all for know, Take care, Richard


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Willie and Gav pose at 7,600ml