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Gavin Bate Everest 2002 Expedition

STILL TRUE AS OF: 02:00 BST FRI MAY 17 2002 

AUDIO Click below for message left at 1500 GMT

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Gavin and Willie left for the summit from Camp 3 at 15:00 GMT on Thursday (now yesterday!). Gavin told me that the weather was still not that favourable but they are were going to go ahead anyway and see what the situation was when they got to the next significant point in the climb - which would have been Camp 4 at 8,300m.

We hope to hear from him within the next 5 hours (i.e. before 0500 GMT). By the way, his last audio recording - made today at 1500 GMT can be heard by clicking one of the links above...

Coffee anyone? Regards,

Richard (in Leeds, England) and Helen (in Glasgow, Scotland) - both on satellite phone duty!


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