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5/28/02 - Everest- BACK IN KATMANDU


After our failed try to reach the peak the weather had gotten very stormy. The storm wind was blowing at more than 180km/h. The information we got regarding our tent in camp 2 differed, some said it was "destroyed" others believed it had been "blown away". The weather forecast didn't look very promising. Despite of that Christian and Matthias gave it another try and attempted to safe camp 2. But Matthias didn't feel well during their night at the North col and he decided to turn around. Christian carried on. He was happy to find that our tent had only been ripped. He was able to recover the better part of our material. 


BACK TO THE ABC: For us, the expedition was over. We walked 20 km down to base camp. At another one of our camps we found out that somebody had stolen our tent, sleeping bags, cooker etc. ... I guess that's part of the Everest experience as well. After three weeks in great altitude we reach the base camp.


KATMANDU: At the base camp the Liason Officer offers us an opportunity to get to Katmandu three days earlier than we had been scheduled. We start early in the morning on the 27th and cross the Chinese border in the late afternoon. Thanks to Asian Trekking we were able to carry on to Kathmandu straight away. When we were sitting in Thamel in the evening having our pizza,  we could hardly believe that we had been at the base camp in the morning. 


THE NEXT FEW DAYS: At the moment we are working on the modalities of our cargo shipping and of our flights back home. Maybe we even arrive home early, who knows?! Andrea and Micha 5/28/02

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