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5/4/02  -  Back at the ABC (6400m): The last few days: End of April, after a stormy night in the ABC camp we climbed down to the base camp in order to spend a quite period there. Some of the news which were reached us from the higher camps sounded worrying. Some expeditions lost four tents at the North col (7000m). Speaking of it, we like to thank NORDISK who supplied us with tents and point out the great quality of their products. While Werner, Christian and Markus remained at the base camp (5150) Andrea, Matthias and Markus returned to the ABC (6400m) after five days of rest. Today Matthias left for camp 1, Andrea and Micha will follow him tomorrow. If we are lucky with the weather it will not be long before our second camp will be set up at approx. 7900m. 


Micha and Andrea from the ABC camp

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