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May 12th, 2002   Waiting in the ABC 


WERNER: Due to stomach problems Werner decided to travel back home. Nima, our cook, accompanied him to the border. We hope he gets well soon and we wish him all the best.


CAMP 2: Our camp 1 at the North col (7065 m) is now well-equipped. Setting up camp 2 is kind of hard though.


1st try: May 5 Matthias deposited a tent on 7600 m.

2nd try: After a stormy night at the Northcol Andrea and Micha can't continue due to bad weather.

3rd try: Christian, Markus and Matthias spend a "nice" night at the Northcol. On the following day Christian and Matthias are able to get some material to 7600 m walking through a storm.

4th try: Andrea and Micha try to push the depot to 7900 m. But they, too, fail due to the storm and reach the depot at 7600 m more or less on their knees. They deposit some gas and travel lunch.


CURRENT SITUATION: This year there are heavy storms in the higher regions almost every day. Despite the sunny weather all expeditions are running slightly behind schedule. We hope to get some nice weather and less wind in the next few days. In the next two weeks we consider trying for the summit.


TEAM: Even though the food is great we notice that after more than a month in this altitude we loose weight, especially mussels in our legs. But still, all of us are well. (Michael Borrmann, ABC, 6400 m)

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