Everest International 2002 Expedition North side

The Zelenograd Alpine Club was formed in 1987 by Viatcheslav Skripko and has growing staidly ever since. We start organizing commercial expeditions in 1989 for the first time in Pamir and gone all over the world: in 1991 we organized and succeeded in climbing Cho Oyu making the first Russian ascent of that mountain. We organized expeditions to Makalu, Everest all successful not to mention the mountains within Russian Federation or a work out such is Aconcagua in South America. Our company is the only Russian company who organizes commercial expeditions to Himalaya and other high mountains. Beside our experience in the mountain and to deal with authorities wherever that might be one might find that our prices are often competitive with a high quality expeditions. Currently we are here in Everest with a colorful expeditions, 7 members who wish to reach the top of Mt. Everest and we also have group of 4 trekkers who join us for the trill of being at the bottom of the tallest mountain in the world.

Our group consists of : 

Viatcheslav (Slava) Skripko   Leader and guide (Russia) 

Borislav (Boby) Dimitrov       Leader and guide   (Bulgaria)

Zoran Miletic Climber  (Yugoslavia)

Atanas Katsarov Climber (USA)

Jan Pflugradt Climber   (Germany)

Ivan Loredo Vidal Climber (Mexico)

Guillermo Carro Blaizac Climber (Mexico)

We also have 2 high altitude Sherpas as required by some members and like to make their name public as well since they are very much part of our group: 

Chuldim Dorje Sherpa    Climber    Nepal

Mingma Gelu Sherpa Climber Nepal

Best regards Slava Skripko


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