Everest International 2002 Expedition North side

Update 5/14/2002: We have received some sketchy news from sources close to Ivan Loredo on "Ivan and Guillermo." It sounds as if Ivan is having some back problems, he feels due to his numerous expeditions (21 of which 8 were 8000's meter expeditions). They are looking at the Summit day between May 24-26 when there is expected to be a full moon. 


We don't know if the recent events on the mountain have changed their thinking...

The group consists of : 

Viatcheslav (Slava) Skripko   Leader and guide (Russia) 

Borislav (Boby) Dimitrov       Leader and guide   (Bulgaria)

Zoran Miletic Climber  (Yugoslavia)

Atanas Katsarov Climber (USA)

Jan Pflugradt Climber   (Germany)

Ivan Loredo Vidal Climber (Mexico)

Guillermo Carro Blaizac Climber (Mexico)

2 high altitude Sherpas: 

Chuldim Dorje Sherpa    Climber    Nepal

Mingma Gelu Sherpa Climber Nepal


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