Everest International 2002 Expedition North side

Update 5/22/2002: We have received news that Zoran Miletic, a climber from Yugoslavia is believed to have disappeared on May 16th, at around 8600 meters on Everest. The worst is presumed, but it is NOT confirmed, climbers has shown up before.

Ivan and Guillermo were at Advanced Base Camp at 6,400 meters, where it was very cold and very windy. They attempted to assist in an rescue effort and to see what happened to Zoran, but it appears the wind stopped them getting higher than 7400 meters. Many camps were destroyed (as we reported earlier) at high camp. They planned on the 22nd to start climbing with an anticipated Summit date of May 25th. Between May 24-26 when there is expected to be a full moon.

This group consisted of:

Viatcheslav (Slava) Skripko   Leader and guide (Russia) 

Borislav (Boby) Dimitrov       Leader and guide   (Bulgaria)

Zoran Miletic Climber  (Yugoslavia)

Atanas Katsarov Climber (USA)

Jan Pflugradt Climber   (Germany)

Ivan Loredo Vidal Climber (Mexico)

Guillermo Carro Blaizac Climber (Mexico)

2 high altitude Sherpas: 

Chuldim Dorje Sherpa  Climber    Nepal

Mingma Gelu Sherpa Climber Nepal


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