Everest International 2002 Expedition North side

Update 5/25/2002: Expeditions from the North attempted the Summit last night, we don't know who all. Ivan and Guillermo stated they were to be in this group. As they said, they hope to be in contract with our sources on May 26 or 27...

Update 5/22/2002, more: Ivan and Guillermo are ready to leave to Camp 1 (7,100m) on their attempt to summit.  We say some sherpas who told them that there are strong winds of more than 170 Km/h that have totally destroyed every camp. This news makes them think that they can no longer count on their our tents, sleeping bags, stoves and supplies, etc.  And that maybe that have also lost the tents and equipment they left farther up.  They will only know during their attempt. 

They are saying, others expeditions, after knowing this (the above), some expeditions have decided to pick up their stuff and leave because they cannot try. In 30 minutes they begin climbing on their summit attempt of May 25. They say the  wind is getting stronger; they feel they only need a couple of days of relatively stable weather because, although they we will work double hard reinstalling the camps, the mountain has the last word.  They say they are willing to fight, and follow their strategy, attempt the summit as long as the mountain lets them. They hope to be in contact with on May 26 or 27, conscious that the real goal and success in an ascent is go up and down in one piece.


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