Kari Kobler's Mount Everest 2002 Expedition

Kari Kobler

Photo Kari Kobler

Relaxed at Base Camp

Back at Base Camp with mild temperatures we wait our luggage from ABC

Projected departure from Base Camp is May 24

The mountain left its marks on us, tired and exhausted we drag ourselves down the never-ending trail to Base Camp. The wind follows us, but here at Base Camp finally we find mild temperatures with light wind which lightens our mood and returns strength.

Our Sherpas report, that the strong gusts over the last days have flattened the tents of Camps 2 and 3, some of them even got wings. Even oxygen tanks are missing. The rumor is, that expeditions improve their budgets by taking down oxygen tanks from other expeditions and earning 300 Dollar per bottle. One more rumor on the mountain that should be verified.

Now, that many expeditions organize their departure, Yaks and Jeeps are
in great demand. We wait for our luggage from ABC and stay in the clothes which had packed in the rucksack. Due to the milder temperatures down here, the shower calls our name - how refreshing is the gush of water! Thanks to Kari's great contacts to the authorities here at Base Camp, we got the Jeeps for May 24, which leaves enough time for the trip back to Kathmandu. 

Michèle Mérat


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