Kari Kobler's Mount Everest 2002 Expedition

Kari Kobler

Technology - a sensitive achievement. Very powerful, yet we discovered its limits above 6400m at ABC. One of the computers suffered severe high altitude sickness, and neither pep talks nor the healing hand relieved the hard disc of its problems. The older of the two computers seemed to be more acclimatized (maybe because it had been in thin air before?). Only the mouse needed to be manipulated with gentle tilts and a pair of scissors. E-mails and reports aided by satellite phone, Computer and solar panels - the complex and sensitive technology of the modern world is now part of virtually every professional expedition. One may remark critically that earlier expedition reached their goals without that kind of technology. Surely. Earlier is not today. Fifty years ago the farmer used his hands to plow the field, and today? One does not want to shut out modern technology, even at home are we changing from the disc to the DVD - in step with the course of the times. 

Our options to use e-mail gave us a certain security since we were able to stay in contact with Bern. Were we to turn down the weather reports? Certainly not. Therein lies the main reason to use the technology. Also, Kari was able to stay in touch with his office and conduct business. Finally, our reporting gave friends and family at home a good look at what was going on, which was comforting and interesting. One can choose between a stream of news, or a well told story after the return. 

In the meantime a new computer arrived, and we only carefully touch it and talk to it very sweetly - hopefully, it listens and doesn't let us down?

Michele Mérat


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