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Martine's Route Coverage of Martine Larroque's Everest 2002 Expedition

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March 21st, 2002: 7am, a normal day, like any other day; temperature 28 degrees C, not bad, but wait it is only 7 am! It will probably jump to 38 or more at lunch time.

A normal day, not quite… Today, the 21st is the first day of Spring; it is also the Iranian New Year and I take this opportunity to wish a HAPPY NEW YEAR to all my Parsee (Zoroastrian) friends: NAVROZE MUBARAK!

No, not quite a normal day! Today is also the first day of my 65 days journey to reach the top of Mount Everest, the highest peak in the world! No, it is not to escape the heat of Dubai summer, but rather a long cherished dream… I had to wait years before I felt strong enough in mind and body to tackle such a challenge. Now the dream has become a reality…

I chose to climb from the South side as I have some fond memories attached to it. 15 years ago, I made a trek from Katmandu to Everest Base Camp with only 100 dollars in my pocket, wearing an old track suit and tennis shoes and equipped only with an old sleeping bag of my brother! Yet, it was one of the most beautiful trip I made… So, I will go the same route, but this time equipped like a queen! Do you think a nice hot chocolate and warm croissants will be waiting for me at the Sherpa's lodge? Whatever… I will soon be on my way to base camp where I will stay for one week to acclimatize before I start the real climb!

I will be providing regular news as often as possible but please be patient as after all I have a mountain to climb! Martine Larroque

March 23rd, 2002: Arrived safely in Kathmandu, and happily I had no problem with the Custom office about all my gear. This morning I met my Sherpas and had a briefing session with my agent. All is set! I feel very elated and very confident that I will make it! Tomorrow, I am off to LUKLA where I will begin my trek to Base Camp.

More news as I progress… Martine Larroque


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