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Simone Moro Everest/Cho Oyu 2002 Expedition


I'm in Kathmandu now for 3 days. I came back from Khumbu valley where I did acclimatisation going on Kala Pattar and Island Peak. I spent approximately 17 days there and now I'm here waiting for my friends coming from Italy tomorrow. We will start the 14th in the morning and we will arrive to low Base camp after 4 days. I will start immediately my climb on Cho Oyu because I should be physically ready.

My friends will take time to acclimatize. Around the 8-9th of May I should move to Everest Base Camp and around the 15th start my alpine style climb. One friend of mine Mario Curnis (born in December 1936...) will try Everest and I will help him to reach the top of the world. He will use oxygen and one Sherpa. He will be also on Cho Oyu to do acclimatisation. Mario Curnis is a close friend of Reinhold Messner and he was with him in 1975 on the south face of Lhotse. He also was in 1973 on Everest during the first Italian expedition to that mountain. He had been the first Italian on south col without oxygen....


Simone Moro


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