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Simone Moro Everest/Cho Oyu 2002 Expedition


Update 5/15/2002: Hello Friends as promised the first message with photo from the advanced field base of the Everest. I and Mario Curnis find ourselves at 6409 meters on the north side of Everest. The yak arrived about noon and all the materials have arrived. I have then prepared and divided the alpine material that tomorrow Sherpa Ang Mingma will carry to the hill north to 7000 meters. Mario Curnis will only carry his sleeping bag and stay the night to acclimatize. The usual distance is covered in two full days but we have intentions to make it in one day .... The alcohol that the Russians have offered to us before the long walk has caused Mario to tire. Tomorrow I will send you another message and for the moment that is all. Best, Simone


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