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Simone Moro Everest/Cho Oyu 2002 Expedition


Ciao everybody!!


We arrived yesterday to Tingri, Tibet. In these past few days we speeded with all the formalities in Kathmandu so that we could move towards Cho Oyu as soon as possible. We are trying to move to base camp as quickly as possible, so that we can start acclimatizing. We would rather use our legs that a truck to move around! The impact with the altitude, 4200 meters, has been good so far, considering that some of our team members have a light headache. I feel already acclimatized to this altitude thanks to the short climbs of these past weeks at the Kala Pattar and Island Peak. Tomorrow a jeep is taking us to the Chinese base camp, which is only a few hours away by car from Tingri. I will update you on the conditions as soon as we can see the mountains closer. It seems that winter is almost over, neither too dry nor too snowy. We will spend two days walking around the Chinese advanced base camp and we will talk to you soon.
See you soon,


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