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Simone Moro Everest 2002 Expedition

Update 5/25/2002:  Summit, Summit, Summit!!!!

We wanted it and wished for it and not even diarrhea or other minor problems could stop us. At 6 a.m., May 24, (yesterday), Simone Moro, Mario Curnis and Ang Mingma Sherpa stood on the tallest summit in the world. An unforgettable sunrise, a breathtaking natural scenario. You could see the world from up there. Mario, with his almost 66 years, is the oldest man on the planet on the summit of Everest (I will check this with the Ministry and  Miss Hawley). [Note: We currently do NOT believe Mario is the oldest man to Summit Everest. However there is some confusion.]

We started out at 23.30 on May 23 and went very quickly towards the top. We climbed with the light of an almost full moon and our headlamps. The morning light caught us 200 meters from the top.

In this last part of the climb one oxygen mask broke, Mario's. He moved for some minutes without the benefits of the oxygen: we couldn't fix it and our Sherpa decided to go on without oxygen, giving his mask to Mario. After reaching the top also mine stopped working, so I was without oxygen for the 45 minutes on the summit and all the way down. From the summit I went all the way to BC at 6400 meters. Mario and Ang Mingma stopped at C2 and will be down today.

Aside from some minor frostbite to three toes in the right foot, I am very fine. It has been a great and wonderful adventure

Ciao Simone


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