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Simone Moro Everest 2002 Expedition


Ciao, friends

Here we are in Kathmandu, finally. The capital of Nepal always has a specific fascination, in spite of smog, noise, chaos and traffic. Mario and I are staying at  the Garden Hotel, in Thamel, the section of time full of tourists and shops for any merchandise.

Mario on the way down to BC, two hours from where the car was waiting, succeeded in falling and hurting his ribs. The iron man he is, he arrived to the car cursing and striving. This happened May 26 on the maraine from advanced BC to the house where the cars can arrive.

Today, May 28, we left Tingri at 4300 m. and arrived straight to KTH. Tired and dusty we unloaded our jeep and finally took a shower.... after 2 months.

Tomorrow, instead of flying back, we go to Pokhara for the opening of the International mountain Museum: Mario will receive the compliments for his achievement. More news in the next days. 

Ciao Simone


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