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Simone Moro Everest/Cho Oyu 2002 Expedition

Ciao!! I'm in Kathmandu now for 3 days. I came back from Khumbu valley where I did acclimatisation going on Kala Pattar and Island Peak. 

Ciao everybody!! We arrived yesterday to Tingri, Tibet. In these past few days we speeded with all the formalities in Kathmandu so that we could move towards Cho Oyu as soon as possible. We are trying to move to base camp as quickly as possible, so that we can start acclimatizing. Click here for the full dispatch.

Hello Everybody, I am calling from the Chinese Base Camp of Cho-Oyu. We are at the same height of the Mont Blanc and we are waiting to depart for advanced base camp. Around me there are hills made of sand and rocks where I and my team members walk around to acclimatize. There are about 10 expeditions at base camp, it is kind of crowded.... Click here for the full dispatch.

Ciao everybody, this is the first message from Cho Oyu base camp at 5500 meters above sea level. We used 48 yaks to transport 1960 kgs of materials of our 10 member expedition. To be more accurate, only 5 of us are at base camp, and the other three have decided to stay at a lower elevation due to light mountain sickness. The weather conditions up here are very good, and there are about 10 expeditions at base camp. The mountain neither looks too easy nor too accessible, and its beauty is majestic. From our tends to the Nepalese border the distance is about a kilometer, and the border is exactly the Nang Pa Lha, a famous pass crossed by thousands of pilgrims... Click here for the full dispatch.

Hello everybody, I am back with the computer after yesterday's "race". If it wasn't for myself registering my ascent with the GPS, I couldn't believe what I have done. My ascent was very fast, especially considering the lack of acclimatization. There are 12 expeditions at ABC, but the technical level did not impress me, except for the 3 Russians who are funny and very nice. I am becoming everybody's friend. Click here for the full dispatch.

April 24, 2002: Ciao everybody, today I returned to base camp after spending the night at 6400 meters of camp 1. I sleep pretty good and I ate salami, cheese with rosemary crackers and I drank a can of coca cola. Yesterday afternoon a storm dumped 20 cm of fresh snow. That is why i decided to descend and not risk to go from C1 to C2 trying to be a hero. Tomorrow Nicolini and Mezzanotte should arrive at ABC, at 5600 meters while Omar Oprandi seems to be staying at lower elevations. Click here for the full dispatch.

Today at 10.30 Franco Nicolini and Mirko Mezzanotte arrived at Base Camp. Omar Oprandi returned to Italy for precaution due to early symptoms of pulmonary edema. Our team is now complete and we can now go on to climb Cho Oyu. We are sad for Omar because he is a very valid member of the team, and we hope he will get better soon and will follow us from the Internet. Click here for the full dispatch.

Hello my friends, as you can see I am sending daily reports.  I hope our efforts will keep you interested. I am sending you a picture of Franco Nicolini, who arrived yesterday at base camp with Mirco Mezzanotte. As you all know, they are the runner up of the European Skiing Championship and they are about to fast climb Cho Oyu. My speed is also "dangerous"... Click here for the full dispatch.

Hello my friends, only this morning it has stopped snowing and the wind has finally calmed down, after smashing the tents, breaking some. It has snowed for 30 straight hours, but what scared us the most was the noise of thundering and lightning, typical of the monsoon season. Try to figure out this weather... Click here for the full dispatch.

May 9th-May 13th: Hello my friends, it is evening and cold in my tent, about -12C, and I am using the powerful Panasonic computer CF-28 which is holding on to its promised efficiency. I am amazed because this machine took a beating in the past days, from -25C temperatures, snow, Tibet sand and the altitude of Cho Oyu, but it is very strong. I hope it stays like this... Click here for the full dispatch.

Update 5/15/2002: Hello Friends as promised the first message with photo

The drama on the North side of Everest continues...

The North Side of Everest has been rough going...

Simone Moro going up right now

Update 5/22/2002:  12.04 Nepal time Simone Moro via satellite

Mario Curnis (picture below), 65 years young,  just reached the Summit of Everest! We also are told Simone and Ang Mingma summited!

May 24, 7.00 Nepal time: Simone Moro by satellite phone Ciao! We have been on the top!

Summit, Summit, Summit!!!!

Ciao, friends, Here we are in Kathmandu, finally.
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