Swiss Everest 50th Anniversary Expedition 1952-2002

"Geneva Everest 1952 2002"

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Update 5/17/2002: The Swiss team is back at base camp having come from Camp 4 (Sth Col) to Base the day after their summit. They are expected to spend 3-4 days helping getting gear down and pack  and clear the mountain. They are then expected to chopper back to Kathmandu on 22 May

Update 5/16/2002: The Summit List: The below members and below high altitude Sherpas have succeeded to climb 8848m high Mt. Everest on 16th May 2002. They had started from South Col (Camp IV) on 15th May 2002 at 9:00 PM. Mr. Apa Sherpa who has been successful to climb Mount Sagarmatha Twelfth time and also he became the first summitter to climb Mount Everest successfully in this Spring Season of 2002.

Name of the Summiters

Date of Birth


Home Address

Mr. Stephane Schaffter

2 Feb. 1953


Geneva, Switzerland

Mr. Yves Lambert

5 Jun. 1951


Geneva, Switzerland

Mr. Guillaume Vallot

10 July 1970


St. Martin, D'uriage France

Mr. Philippe Arvis

15 June 1962


Condorcet, Argentina

Mr. Tashi Tenzing

30 Nov. 1965


NSW, Australia

Mr. Apa Sherpa

41 Yrs.


Namche-7, Thame Solukhumbu

Mr. Dawa Nuru Sherpa

38 yrs.


Namche-7, Thame, Solukhumbu

Mr. Ang Sona Sherpa

25 Yrs.


Namche-7, Thame Solukhumbu

10 member Geneva Everest 1952/2002 Expedition was permitted to climb 8848m high Mt. Everest from South East Ridge under the leadership of Mr. Stephane Schaffter during the spring season of 2002. The Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation would like to congratulate to Mr. Apa Sherpa for his grand success for the Twelfth time summit on Mt. Everest. Complied by Bikrum Pandey for

A word of Note: The Swiss and Asian Trekking shared permits, therefore don't be surprised if a few Sherpas from these Asian trekking permits move around, as we try to find out who was working for who... 


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