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Some changes .. We start a little bit earlier in Kathmandu. Please have a look at our NEW timetable

Dispatch 1: The Maoists have called /confirmed a 5 days strike in Nepal.

DISPATCH 2: START: Today at 1:40 PM the six members of our expedition fly from Zurich to Singapore. From there we will continue on to Katmandu tomorrow.

DISPATCH 3: ... we arrived at Katmandu.

4/6/2002 Tomorrow the expedition starts towards the Chinese border ...

The expedition-team reports the first time with their satellite-telephone: arrival in Nyalam, all okay!

4/16/2002 For three days the expedition-team is in Everest-Basecamp (5200 m) ... ARRIVAL IN EVEREST-BASECAMP: After spending two days in Nyalam the expedition-team drove to Tingri. There they spent another day. Click here for the full dispatch.

April 25,2002 ABC 6400 meters: After four days in BC we went with the Yaks to ABC on April 18th. In intermediate camp (5780 m.) we  enjoyed "delicious" Yak tea and we were happy to reach ABC (6400 m.) on April 19th. The camp is situated on the Moraines ridge of  the East Rongbuk glacier.... Click here for the full dispatch.

5/4/02  -  Back at the ABC (6400m): The last few days: End of April, after a stormy night in the ABC camp we climbed down to the base camp in order to spend a quite period there. Some of the news which were reached us from the higher camps sounded worrying. Some expeditions lost four tents at the North col (7000m).... Click here for the full dispatch.

May 12th, 2002   Waiting in the ABC

German/Swiss So close, yet so far...

5/28/02 - Everest- BACK IN KATMANDU

Everest 5/30/02 Our flight back home ...Katmandu & Zurich


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