Hungarian Mount Everest/Lhotse Expedition 2002

Update 5/29/2002: The Honest Hungarians !!!

The Hungarian climbers have reported that "only Eross has summited with oxygen, and Várkonyi has turned back at 8750, without oxygen." The Min of Tourism was not correct. I don't know who has informed them (maybe other people on the top, who saw Várkonyi near the top, and thought he will make it) unfortunately he did not." 

We would like to point out, NO ONE Disputed the Hungarian climbers Summits!! They came forward !!!

Good Men!!! 

We might or might not ever find out who called the 2 summits into the Min of Tourism in Nepal, but it does not matter. Success for the Hungarians climbers and the Hungarian people!

Good JOB! Doesn't it just make you feel good to see people being honest and truthful! In the next several weeks and months we will be confirming the rest of the climbers who had summits reported and called in... So it is with mountaineering Summits....

Update 5/26/2002:

S.N. Name of Summiter Date of Birth Profession Address
1 Mr. Zsolt Eross (34 Years) Mountain Guide Tancsics, Minaly, Hungary
have been successful to climb Mt. Everest (8,848 m) on 25th May 2002 from South East Ridge. 

The Nine members of Himalayan Guide Everest Expedition was permitted to climb the Mt. Everest from South East Ridge under the Leadership of Jeffrey Standford, (31 Years) from Essex UK during the Spring Season of 2002.

Update 5/25/2002: Two Hungarian climbers are believed to have Summited Everest last night. These names are UNCONFIRMED. Again these names are UNCONFIRMED. Only one did....

Update 5/25/2002: The Hungarian source, reports that only László Várkonyi and Zsolt Erőss are going to attempt the Summit. These names are UNCONFIRMED.

Update 5/24/2002: We have a report that László Várkonyi, Zsolt Erőss, László Mécs, are still planning to summit. These names are UNCONFIRMED. However it is believed they (the Hungarian Mount Everest expedition) are going for it right now! Some climbers from other expeditions are apparently turning back early. Not sure yet who. We could guess, but won't :)

Update 5/21/2002: What we know is: Zoltán Ács and László Mécs were at 8700 meters up on 16th (they have already broken the Hungarian record), but because of the bottleneck, they had to turn back. They were without oxygen, and were standing too long and waiting for free place to climb... [Note these long lines on the 17th, seems to have really hurt those climbing without oxygen for these very reasons.]

On 17th and 18th everybody came back the BC. On 19th 3 team members (expect Ács and Mezey) went up again and trying to summit. All are fine....  Best,  Helena

5 Hungarian climbers :The 5 Hungarian climbers are  Zoltan Ács, Zsolt Erőss, László Mécs, László Mezey and László Várkonyi, who are planning to climb the top without oxygen and without help of Sherpa’s. Last Autumn, neither of two Hungarian teams reached the summit of Everest. The present team has been formed from the climbers of last Autumn's two Hungarian expeditions. Four of Hungarians have already reached peaks over 8000 meters several times. The leader of Hungarian Mount Everest Expedition 2002 is Zoltán Ács, and the technician leader is László Mécs.

On the Lhotse permit is 12 climbers with including 5 Hungarians with Laszlo Mezey as the leader on the permit of the 5 climber Hungarian team planning to climb without oxygen. The Hungarian hope to Summit Everest first "(at least)".

Update 4/27/2002: The Hungarians reported on Saturday that the storm was nothing special "just" another stormy day on the of their tents have been totally damaged, but they are all fine, up to 7200 m and 7700 m. They planning to get on top around 10-15 May. Best Helena


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