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Martine's Route Coverage of Martine Larroque's Everest 2002 Expedition

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March 21st, 2002: Martine Larroque started her journey to Mt. Everest today early morning. She decided to summit Mount Everest to support Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) and raising fund for needy... Click here for the full dispatch.

March 21- 23rd, 2002: March 21st, 2002: 7am, a normal day, like any other day; temperature 28 degrees C, not bad, but wait it is only 7 am! It will probably jump to 38 or more at lunch time....Click here for the full dispatch.

March 26, 2002: We received a call from Martine Larroque, at present she is at an altitude of 38,050 in Khumgung... Click here for the full dispatch.

March 27, 2002: Finally I reached the Sherpa land. I flew from Katmandu to Lukla on the 24th on the way to base camp... Click here for the full dispatch.

March 27, 2002: Pictures

Everyone wonders what happened at the base camp. After 10 days of trekking, I have reached the base camp. I am the first westerner to reach base camp.

This could be "Titled One Woman against Everest!": We heard from Martine today, she is very unhappy about her computer which is not anymore working, so she has to rely on various friends to relay the news. On April 9th...

Dispatch 4/14/2002: For whomever knows Martine it will not come as a surprise that although she is living the dream of her life, climbing Mt Everest, she has this incredible sense of friendship ...

After being stranded at base camp for few days to get rid of a bad spell of Khumbu cough, on April 19th still very tired, Martine took advantage to follow Apa Sherpa and Tashi Tenzing going to Camp 1. From there and then Martine made it solo to Camp 2 where she stayed for the night. She had a miserable sleep due to high altitude. 

April 22nd to April 26th, Martine and Lapka Sherpa were back in Base Camp for rest, laundry, visiting other climbers who are part of various expeditions, and tend to Lapka Sherpa's eye problem.

April 28th, Martine arrived to Camp 2 by 3PM, the warnings that bad weather was coming became soon evident as for the next two nights and three days a terrible storm hit the area. All climbers had to remain in their tents...

May 6th: After the hard days at camp 2 with a 180 km wind, knocking at my tent; looking at the roof of my tent for 10 hours in below 17 degrees Celsius, I decided to head up to base camp. What a surprise to see in the Swiss tent, my friend from Dubai, Farzane having a cup of tea with Philippe the Doctor. She spent a night in my tent because poor Farzane was gasping for air. She couldn't sleep. The next day her condition did not ameliorate and we decided to go down to the valley as soon as possible.... Click here for the full dispatch.

Martine Larroque, the attempt...

What happened on May 16th? 

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